Charter Packages & Rates

Design Your Adventure

So, you want to explore the Sunshine Coast, and experience the beauty of the Salish Sea and its pristine waters… you have come to the right place.

We can help put together a package that fits your desires and wish list. We know the islands, the beaches, the private empty channels, the places to paddle, the places to swim, and the biking and trekking options. Whether it’s sightseeing, catching a glimpse of some whales or sea lions — a boat ride is always fun. If a picnic and a tour is your wish, or if a beach visit is your thing we can make it happen. If you want to ride your bike from one end of Lasqueti Island to the other, we can make that happen. If you want to do a one way run up to Cortez Island or Savary Island there are many possible adventures.

Check out our rates below to give you an idea of costs, and let me know how you would like your adventure to play out. We look forward to sharing and preparing a package that suits you and your family. Let the fun begin!

Golden sunset, couple walking on beach. Book your charter to explore the Sunshine Coast.

Charter Rates

  • All rates are for 4 persons. Extra person: $100 pp.
  • Extra time per hour: $100
  • Extra Kayak per hour: $40
  • SUP per hour: $40
Secret Cove to Thormanby Island – Buccaneer Bay (The Gap)4Picnic on boat2 kayaks$750
Secret Cove to Thormanby Island – Vaughcroft Dock4NoneNone$400
Secret Cove to Sargeant Bay4Picnic on boat2 kayaks$750
Secret Cove to Trail Island4Picnic on boat2 kayaks$750
Secret Cove to Texada Island – Anderson Bay5Picnic on boat2 kayaks$875
Secret Cove to Lasqueti Island: drop off at False Bay, Pickup at Squitty Bay 6Transport – Round TripYour bikes$975
Secret Cove to Gorge Harbour – Cortez Island (one way)5Transport – Drop OffTBD$600
Gorge Harbour – Cortez Island to Secret Cove (one way)5Transport – PickupTBD$600
Secret Cove to TBD4TBDTBDVariable